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- Dr. Holloway Has Changed My Life! - - Rosalind "Melissa" Valdespino - 2/25/2018 - comment
Dr. Holloway has changed my life! Almost fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with an illness whose exact cause isn’t known. During that time, I had been treated by three different specialized medical doctors. Among the three of them, they prescribed two different prescription drugs, one that I took for approximately three-and-a-half years and the other for almost eleven years. One of those medical doctors also prescribed two other drugs at two different times, in the hope that one of them would help. I tried both of them, each to no avail. Dr. Holloway is not only a specialist in family chiropractic, but also a specialist in whole food nutrition. As an Applied Clinical Nutritionist, he prescribed two supplements for my illness and within two months, I began to feel like I did before I was ever diagnosed! He put an end to my countless years and years of suffering. I believe in Dr. Holloway 100% and trust him completely. Recently, after my primary care physician prescribed four different supplements for other conditions I have, I consulted him. His expertise differed from hers and I followed his advice and started taking the two supplements he prescribed. As a chiropractor, Dr. Holloway regularly treats me for spinal and extremity adjustments. It never ceases to amaze me how he brings my body back to where it should be. His “personalized healthcare with a gentle touch” is priceless.

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